The BLCC is excited to welcome back Mr Frank van Gelder, Senior Air Freight Consultant on the University of Antwerp Vaccine Distribution Task Force.

Frank was a speaker at our Belgium Business Seminar early December where he informed our attendees on vaccine development in Belgium and the preparations being made to distribute it all over the world.

Now that several vaccines have been approved, the distribution is in full swing and vaccinations are now performed globally. But there is still a lot of work to be done.

We've invited Frank to update our audience on how things are going, what hiccups has the task force dealt with, which vaccines are still being developed, what is now the most realistic timeline for the global vaccination and how is the vaccination drive accelerating digitalization of the healthcare industry.

Join us for this insightful seminar that will be brief & powerful. Walk away with up-to-date information on the status of global vaccinations and learn how even now in these vaccination times, block chain is saving lives.

This webinar will be presented using Google Meet. Do you prefer dialing in? Please contact us for the details.


  • Frank Van Gelder (Senior Airfreight Consultant at Covid-19 Task Force)

    Frank Van Gelder

    Senior Airfreight Consultant at Covid-19 Task Force

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