In this workshop we'll work around the Enneagram, a personality model that researches the deep motivations behind behavior including values, core fears and much more. This model helps you bring out the best in you and everyone you coach or lead.

People have different values and their own way of thinking & feeling. Our personality type influences how we behave and communicate at work and in life. All personalities have their own strengths, blind spots and areas to develop. It's for you to discover and deploy them in the best possible way.

It is essential to understand what motivates people and adapt our approach accordingly in order to effectively recruit, retain and align people. Successful organisations and leaders help people to communicate more effectively and work towards their common goals.



You will be able to reflect on yourself as a person, as a leader and on your team members. You will gain awareness, insights and reflect on the way you behave & communicate with your team members. You will cultivate your emotional intelligence.


Through concrete exercises, questions and discussions, you will:

· Understand, from a leader's perspective, the 3 centres of intelligence and how they impact at work: the heart, the mind, the action

· Get an overview of the 9 Enneagram personality types (deep motivations, strengths, values,..) and try to discover yours

· Get a better understanding of how Enneagram personality types work and their impact on the way you behave, make decisions and communicate with team members. You'll discover why the Enneagram stands apart from other personality tools.

· Identify where you focus most of your attention at work (Introduction on sub-type & personality type)

A safe space will be created by the coach and everyone participating.


  • Murielle Gardret (Global Certified Coach ICF MCC - Leadership & Talent Management at Diragir Limited)

    Murielle Gardret

    Global Certified Coach ICF MCC - Leadership & Talent Management at Diragir Limited

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