Join us on 17 April for an event experience quite different from normal: Warzone90!

New technologies, climate change and global health scares or pandemics are just a few reasons why the nature of conflict is a fast changing reality. In the past, any debate on global conflict could easily be isolated to certain countries & regions. That reality is changing fast, leaving us with the question how these new sources of conflict might impact our businesses and societies in the future.

The Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Center has set-up Asia's first simulation war zone, Warzone90, as an opportunity to observe and reflect upon our own personal responses to some of the worst destructive forces of human conflict. How it feels to lose control over one's own physical & emotional safety when basic human rules of engagement don't apply.

Warzone90 is however more than a space for personal reflection: it invites participants into a shared dialogue for new ideas & solutions. Warzone90 offers an important platform now that corporates see their challenges grow beyond delivering performance, innovation and leadership. They have to deliver on sustainable, ethical and social development goals as well.

You are welcome to join us for this 90-minute enriching educational experience, which is preceded by some time for introduction & concluded with an evaluation dialogue.

This BLCC event is organized in cooperation with the Hong Kong Red Cross & the Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

This is a face to face event, all required measures will be adhered to to ensure everyone's continued health; if any change in social distancing measures requires this event to be cancelled, tickets will be reimbursed.


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