What exactly do artists, successful business achievers and athletes have in common? What makes them unstoppable and outperform even under fast change and uncertainty?

Is it possible to thrive and do more than just bounce back in complex and fast-changing environments? That question took the Mind Box team on a deep sear into neuro- and behavioral sciences. The insights of what we now know about creative thinking, working in flow states, and how our human minds deal with change are mind-blowing!

"If you want to understand success,

you need to know about the human mind"

We are delighted to invite you to a workshop with Hilde, CEO of Mind Box and a successful professional Ink Artist, where she will share:

  • Through examples of high achievers how thriving is different from resilience and how high performers systematically tap in the reward and flow system in their brain
  • How people who score high in flow also feel their best and score high in mental wellbeing
  • How you can take on some of these techniques, such as a great high-performance formula, how to use 5 internal motivators and tips from the High-Performance Toolkit, into your own private and business life

All curious learners and creators are welcome!


  • Hilde Mertens (CEO of Mindbox – Leadership & Innovation Consulting)

    Hilde Mertens

    CEO of Mindbox – Leadership & Innovation Consulting

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