The topic of Regional Headquarters is certainly a complex one for any company looking to extend their presence to another part of the world. Thankfully there are consultants like our speaker Laurent Doucet who can provide relevant assistance & insights to companies in tackling it. Specifically Hong Kong, Singapore & Shanghai will be discussed.


Mr Doucet is a Partner with Roland Berger Hong Kong and will share insights on a survey done by Roland Berger on the topic of RHQ not too long ago. He will cover aspects of RHQs such as:

  • What are the current myths around setting up RHQs in different locations?
  • How to assess the attractivess of RHQ locations?
  • How do different locations in Asia match up for RHQ attractiveness?
  • How a company can define the role of their RHQ?
  • How has the pandemic impacted the topic of RHQ, for example on the aspect of mobility?

We warmly invite our business community members to join in on this insightful talk on 19 May. It will not only give you a view on the work of a Roland Berger consult and how they support companies, but it will also provide valuable information to companies looking to establish or move their RHQ to a location in Asia.

Register below for your seat at the table, we hope to welcome you soon.

Teaser to Thursday's Presentation





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