Our Speakers

  • Bénédicte Nolens (Head at BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre)

    Bénédicte Nolens

    Head at BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre

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  • Swati Bani (COO | Business Transformation Specialist)

    Swati Bani

    COO | Business Transformation Specialist

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  • Hilde Mertens (CEO of Mindbox)

    Hilde Mertens

    CEO of Mindbox

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  • Helga Vanthournout (Founder of Wealth of Flows Consulting)

    Helga Vanthournout

    Founder of Wealth of Flows Consulting

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  • Ching Yng Choi (Founder of CYC Asia Europe Consulting)

    Ching Yng Choi

    Founder of CYC Asia Europe Consulting

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Event Details

This event has been postponed to a later to be determined date, when in-person events will be allowed again.

Definitely stay in touch and don't miss out on this event with these fascinating female Mentors.

Let's have a chat!

We're excited to announce the BLCC's Morning Mentor Talks. We've invited interesting high-level women with tons of experience who are eager to go into an informal & personal dialogue with you and give you new insights, answers to your burning questions and tips & tricks for the next steps in your career. Going for a coffee, the online version.


We set up a Zoom call and provide different Rooms. In each room, a different topic will be discussed and led by the appropriate Mentor, an expert in this respective field. You'll be able to choose a Room that interests you most.

The groups per Room will stay rather small, so you really get the unique opportunity to have a deep conversation with the mentor. We advise you to prepare some questions, to get the most out of your talks. Our Mentors are women from a variety of sectors and with a variety of backgrounds, which will automatically lead to several interesting points of view, refreshing insights and new ways of thinking.

The Rooms and Mentors are as follows:

  • Mindset and BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) by Hilde Mertens

"Most success stories in business are built around a unique BHAG. A Big Hairy Audacious Goal acts as a beacon to focus on, not to lose direction and not to sink when the going gets hard. I am happy to share how setting BHAGs has worked in building my career in Finance & Management Consulting and beyond. It does not mean that the sky is the limit or that all is possible, but mindset & big goals will always be an important aspect in building success, next to skills. Welcome to anyone who wants to hear more or share their experiences."

  • Managing people - Building a career at the right time, at the right place(s) by Swati Bani

"Like never before, developments in technology & operational systems are taking shape in unimaginable forms & scales. I am enjoying to be part of these global developments. But big operations don't work or could go horribly wrong without great teams & people skills. I am happy to share my experiences around managing teams in London, Sing, US, India and Hong Kong which is now my home. Even on a smaller scale the same principles of efficiency and managing people apply. Welcome to my Mentor room if you want to share & hear more."

  • How I left the corporate world & became an impactful entrepreneur by Helga Vanthournout

"I know what it's like to go from a big firm to setting up my own business. I'm glad to talk to you about how this process went for me. From the moment I knew I was ready to take the next step, to figuring out where to start. We'll discuss what it's like to start a business in Hong Kong, how I built and grew a network,... My ultimate goal is for you to feel empowered & inspired after our talk."

  • How do they do it - Finding equilibrium by Ching Yng Choi

"It hasn't always been easy: managing my own company, raising kids and maintaining friendships. It's an often heard question amongst young women: how do they do it? Is there even a balance in work & life to be found, or is that just a myth? To me, it's rather a question of setting boundaries, learning to say no, learning to communicate your needs, unplug and set a schedule. I'm here to guide you to a more confident & balanced person."

  • What I immediately would do again (and what I would do differently now) - Career learnings by Bénédicte Nolens

"With all these years of experience in different firms, I hope to be a go-to person for women searching for some solid career advice. I'm glad to share some lessons I learned during my career, the things I feel I did right to get where I am now and the things I could have done differently. If you're experiencing a tough time in your career, I'm happy to share some wisdom on how to push through and grow further from there.

Basically, we start from the question "What piece of advice would I give my best friend at the start of her career today?"

For who:

Literally everybody is welcome. We can all learn from each other, and have a great & inspiring chat.

See you all on Tuesday 8 March at 8AM.

Let's grow by learning from each other!

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