Learn how to identify, work with, and effectively manage the different behavioural styles of people to build a positive atmosphere with open and honest communication. Explore specific difficult behaviours and how you, as an individual, respond.

You will learn how to spot potential difficult situations and defuse them before they flare up. You'll gain practical skills to respond to on-the-job conflicts quickly and effectively. Other areas covered in the course include assertiveness, coping with difficult people and exploring different power relationships.


  • Understand what causes difficult behaviours
  • Identify strategies to modify and prevent difficult situations
  • Understand the importance of effective listening and how it can diffuse a situation
  • Types of difficult behaviours and how to manage them to achieve a positive outcome
  • Use assertiveness and listening skills to respond to difficult behaviours appropriately
  • Learn the best way to deal with high emotions, criticism, and aggressive people


Recognising Difficult Situations

  • Types of difficult behaviours
  • What causes people to be difficult
  • Preventing difficult situations
  • The role of attitude and confidence

Managing Our Own Emotions

  • Understanding how negative emotions are triggered
  • How to handle emotionally charged situations
  • Expressing personal feelings and disagreement without offending others
  • Dealing with high emotions in others

Responding to Different Types of Difficult Behaviour

  • Developing appropriate assertive and responsive behaviours
  • How to use your listening skills to stay positive and in control
  • How to avoid misunderstandings and escalation of the problem
  • Dealing with aggressiveness and intimidating behaviour in others
  • Approaches for resolving problems with difficult people

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, 21 May 2024


  • Heidi Adick (Director & Consultant of Dew-Point International Ltd.)

    Heidi Adick

    Director & Consultant of Dew-Point International Ltd.

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