Wangsim is inviting you for a free guided tour at HOTPINK, a duo exhibition showcasing over twenty recent works by two female artists, Judy Gee and Tseng Ling-li. Through their unique approaches to painting, sculpture and installation, Gee and Tseng collectively archive - with a paradoxical tone of alarming flamboyance and sensible self-referentiality in their work - the commentary on the fragile human condition and the uncontrollable nature of its evolution.

This exhibition is presented by Parallel Space, an independent art gallery space, providing a multi-discipline exhibition venue in its very own raw white cube format, operated by founder Kim Lam.

For this exhibit, Parallel Space is collaborating with WANGSIM, an art trading and consultancy firm that specializes in modern and contemporary art, led by Belgian Maarten Simoens.

More info on Wangsim: Home - WANGSIM



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