Today's internet, dominated by a few tech giants, strays from its initial promise of decentralization and freedom. Web3, built on blockchain, promises to realign the internet with its original ideals, offering a more open, transparent, and participatory environment, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Join us to explore the potential of Web3 to transform our digital landscape, offering a more open, equitable internet. Our speakers, both Belgian,have backgrounds in business and engineering and founded SK Monde Consultingaiming to make digital solutions accessible to every small business by providing future-proof digital marketing strategies, data analysis, and web3 solutions.


  • Introduction:
  • Web1, Web2, and Web3 - Read, Write, Own
  • Web3 and the Birth of Decentralized Applications
  • Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts
  • Real World Examples: DeFi, NFT and DAO

  • Usage/Impact of Web3 in Digital Marketing & Data
  • Success Stories of Web3 in Marketing
  • How Web3 Changes Data Analytics, Ownership, and Privacy

  • Web3 Across the Globe: East vs. West
  • Comparison of Cultural and Technological Differences

· Navigating Web3 Trends: What's Next?

  • How Can These Trends Affect Your Industry?

Followed by networking over a drink and snacks.



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