But what is creative thinking, how much do we know about our creative brains, and can these skills be learned? And, how important are creative skills today in our businesses or society?

To lift the veil on these questions, an because of the success of the first session, we are happy to have Hilde Mertens (CEO of Mind Box) back for a 2nd session about high performance and creative thinking.

This is your invitation to learn from companies that invest in creativity and from high performers like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, star athletes or successful artists how they use creativity to substantially up their game and outperform their competition. We will explore:

  • Why today, creative thinking sits at the top of leadership skills and where it fits in the formula of high performance
  • What exactly are the skill sets and processes in creative thinking, now that we know that there is no correlation between IQ and creativity, and how all of us can teach them
  • Why creatives are significantly more fulfilled, motivated and successful, and often earn more than non-creatives, and how you can get there
  • How to be emotionally ok, because creative processes go hand in hand with "not knowing", not seeing clear path, and taking risks
  • Clear up some misunderstandings around creativity

This is also your invitation to share your thoughts and experiences from your creative journeys.

Make sure you are there!


  • Hilde Mertens (CEO of Mindbox – Leadership & Innovation Consulting)

    Hilde Mertens

    CEO of Mindbox – Leadership & Innovation Consulting

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