Everybody is talking about it: ChatGPT and Generative Artificial Intelligence. For some it is seen as a way to open up time in worker's lives, for others as a big threat for the future. Do you want to learn more about what the hype is about, how it works and hear some interesting user cases? Then don't wait to register for this Breakfast Seminar.


  1. Comparison to past paradigm shifts (i.e. the calculator)
  2. How it works – what is does well and what it can't do
  3. Regulation, security and best practice
  4. Public (over)reaction and future normalisation
  5. Interesting examples of its use
  6. The immediate and long-term impact to your job and certain career fields
  7. Reception of ChatGPT in China and GBA

Breakfast will be provided.


  • Justin Campbell (Director, Technology Consulting of Willis Towers Watson)

    Justin Campbell

    Director, Technology Consulting of Willis Towers Watson

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