Having friends around Asia is a great thing! Our BeLux Chambers in Asia Collective invites all our members from Hong Kong to Japan to India to join in on 30 August for a 1on1 networking opportunity with members of your own choice!


Planned for the time slot 2.30pm to 6pm on 30 August, you are free to pick whatever time fits your schedule best to have a 1on1 meeting with peers that you can select from a list. All of this can take place thanks to an online networking tool called Conversation Starter.

How does it work? Once you indicate your interest here on our BLCC in Hong Kong platform, you will receive a link to register on the Conversation Starter platform. There you can indicate your background, what your interests are and what industry you're working in. Also you can indicate which time slots you are available for 1on1 networking on 30 August. Other members from the other BLCCs in Asia will do the same and so a possible meeting schedule comes together.

Closer to the day it's up to you to pick from the schedule yourself who you would like to network with!

The main networking event is planned from 3pm to 6pm, within these 3 hours we hope there will be some slots during which you can find an interesting peer to network with.

From 2.30pm to 3pm we will enjoy an opening talk by Gil Petersil, a networking guru!

We hope this is of interest to you all, let's network!



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