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When reading the news, the looming US – China trade war is talk of the town. Before this however, there were already numerous companies dealing with entering into and/or out of the Chinese market and navigating various hurdles and barriers along the way.

Regulatory barriers immediately come to mind, but the various cultural and commercial challenges shouldn't be underestimated either. This seminar will give the audience better insights into the various barriers one could encounter and will give meaningful examples and perspectives from various companies that have succeeded in identifying these risks and tailoring their businesses accordingly when entering and growing in (and beyond) this emerging economic giant.

How do trading companies set up and grow in China? What insights can we gain from the technology sector in which big commercial transactions always carry a lot of weight? How do Chinese companies look at moving abroad? What macro-economic grounding can we get to make sense of this all?

At the end of the evening, we want to have discussed that China of course has its entry and exit challenges, but we wonder if this isn't the case for every other market out there? And are these challenges not just reasonable traffic lights when entering the world's second biggest market?